Our School Development Priorities 2018-19

The following priorities will be a focus for development throughout the 2018-19 academic year.  These priorities have been identifed through a range of means, for example analysis of outcomes at the end of 2018, evaluation of provision over the past year and feedback from a range of stakeholders.  Progress against the targets will be monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis through a range of monitoring activities in school.  Our full School Development Plan (SDP) details our intended outcomes and what actions we will take to achive these.  


Priority 1

To raise standards and increase pupil depth of knowledge in maths in order to increase the number of children working at greater depth and accelerate rates of progress.

1.1        Provide initial training and ongoing CPD for teachers in the use of Maths No Problem

1.2        Track progress and attainment, comparing the achievement of specific groups (SEN, PP, EAL) against non-SEN/PP/EAL groups

1.3        Develop the role of teaching assistants through peer collaboration

1.4       Provide support for the Maths Subject Leader on introducing and monitoring progress


Priority 2

To increase the number of pupils writing in Greater Depth across the school in all curriculum areas

2.1        Make writing exciting and relevant

2.2       Plan opportunities across the curriculum for extended and sustained writing

2.3       Use the outdoor environment and local community to enhance writing

2.4       Make opportunities for writing in other subjects

2.5       Apply GPaS skills to all writing

2.6       Use tracking and PPMs to identify and address underperformance

2.7       Apply the research evidence from the Mobilise project to the marking and feedback of writing


Priority 3

To move the effectiveness of the Governing Body from good to outstanding

3.1        Governors systematically challenge senior leaders to secure excellent outcomes for pupils.

3.2       Governors conduct regular school visits with a clear focus identified for each.

3.3       Governors embrace training and support to improve their own effectiveness in driving school improvement.