Jargon Buster

All organisations have their own set of jargon and their own set of abbreviations.  These can exclude those who don't know them so here is a guide to 'Eduspeak'.  Much of this is nationally recognised jargon and some is specific to Lincolnshire.  We have also included a few terms that are particular to our school and 'hyperlinked' them to the relevant pages on our website so that users have an easy point of reference.  Some are not used much in our school but, neverthless, may be seen in documents from beyond our school and have therefore been included.

Jargon Definition
Academy A school which has chosen, or been directed, to receive its funding directly from the DfE
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Admission The process by which parents apply for a place in a school - see the Admissions page
Admission Appeal The process by which parents can appeal against a decision by the governors of a school to refuse admission
Admission Criteria The criteria against which a decision on admission will be made - see the Admission Criteria page
AfL Assessment for Learning
Annual Review The statutory review of a Statement of Special Educational Need
ARE Age Related Expectation
ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Bikeability A training programme for junior cyclists undertaken in Y5 - see the Bikeability page
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Police organisation providing a holistic approach to tackling abuse)
Cohort A group of pupils who progress through school as a unit (generally a Year Group)
CP Child Protection
Data Protection Act A piece of legislation which results in us not knowing some things unless you tell us - it also quite rightly assures you that your personal data will not be shared with others without permission
DBS Disclosure and Barring Sevice (the new version of CRB - see above)
Designated Area The geographical area from which the Local Authority provide transport to a 'Designated' school - see the page on Villages we Serve
DfE Department for Education
DOB (or DoB) Date of Birth
DoH Department of Health
Double Envelope Election A system for running elections in schools (usually for Parent Governors) - see Double Envelope page
DT Design Technology
EAL English as an Additional Language
EHC Education, Health & Care Plan
EP Educational Psychologist
EPT Educational Psychologist Team
EWO Education Welfare  Officer
Extended School Activities beyond the normal school day (often called clubs) - see the Extended School page
EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage (our Reception year group are in the final year of this stage of education which begins at the age of three)
Family Afternoons An opportunity for pupils to show their families what they do - see the Family Afternoon page
FFT Fischer Family Trust (a charity which produces reports on school progress)
FOI Freedom of Information (Act)
FSM Free School Meals
FTE Full Time Equivalent
Gifted A pupil who has a natural ability to perform significantly ahead of the cohort
Governors A body that runs a school and holds the management to account - see the Governors page
GPAS Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (sometimes re-ordered, so may be referred to as GAPS, SPAG or EPGS)
Grammar School A secondary school which is permitted to select pupils on the basis of ability (don't worry - I talk to all parents about this during Year 5)
HI Hearing Impairment
High Frequency Word (HFW) A word which occurs regularly at a particular stage of literacy development and which is therefore a priority - see the Classrooms pages
HMI Her Majesty's Inspector (or Inspectorate)
Hot School Meals A hot meal which is on offer to all pupils - see our Hot School Meals page
HLTA Higher Level Teaching Assistant
HSE Health and Safety Executive
HT Head Teacher
HWB Health and Wellbeing
ICT Information and Communication Technology
Inclusion Involving all students in the educational setting that best meets their needs
Induction The process by which a new pupil is integrated into our school community - see the Induction page
Interactive Whiteboard The best development in education in years - allows fully interactive lessons with the whole class
International School Award (ISA) A highly prestigious award for developing the international dimension - see the International School Award page
ITT Initial Teacher Training
Key Stage 1 (KS1) Pupils in Year 1 and Year 2
Key Stage 2 (KS2) Pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 inclusive
Key Stage 3 (KS3) Pupils in Year 7 to Year 9 inclusive - first three years of secondary education
Key Stage 4 (KS4) Pupils in Year 10 to Year 11 inclusive - next two years of secondary education
KS Key Stage (see above)
LA Local Authority (Lincolnshire County Council)
LAC Looked After Child
Learning Objective The intended learning outcome of a lesson (often referred to as WALT with the pupils which stands for 'We Are Learning To'
LCC Lincolnshire County Council
Literacy Reading and Writing - now commonly referred to as English
LLE Local Leader of Education
MLD Moderate Learning Difficulties
MSI Multi Sensory Impairment
National Curriculum The nationally set curriculum for all schools
NCMP National Child Measurement Programme
NHS National Health Service
NHSS National Healthy School Status - see the Healthy School Award page
NPQH National Professional Qualification for Headteachers - we are a Leadership Development School for this programme
NQT Newly Qualified Teacher
Numeracy The ability to understand, manipulate and use numbers - what was commonly referred to as maths
Ofsted The Office for Standards in Education
Open Door Policy Not to be taken too literally!  A willingness and desire to meet with all stakeholders whenever needed at a mutually convenient time
OT Occupational Therapy
Parent Under section 576 of the Education Act 1996 a parent includes any person who is not a parent of the child but has parental responsibility, or who cares for the child
Parent Consultation Evening A formal set of meetings on a set date between parents and staff - please be aware that you are welcome to discuss your child at any mutually convenient time
Parent View Online feedback - link to Parent View
PE Physical Education
Phonemic Awareness A recognition that spoken words are composed of several individual sounds
Phonics A recognition of sound-spelling relationships in printed words
PIVATS Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting
PLMD Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
PoCA Protection of Children Act
PP Pupil Premium - Funding allocated to schools to support disadvantaged children
PPA Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (all teachers are entitled to a set amount of this)
Preference Form A form, usually submitted electronically, by which parents applying for the next phase of education inform the Local Authority of their preferred school
Pre-School Setting A nursery or play group which admits year groups prior to Reception
PSFA Parent, Staff and Friends Association - A group of parents and staff who meet to support the school
PSHE Personal, Social and Health Education
Pupil Premium Additional dedicated funding for a school in respect of pupils in receipt of Free School Meals or from services families - see Pupil Premium pages
QTS Qualified Teacher Status
RE Religious Education
Residential A one week visit for Y4-Y6 involving staying in a hotel - see the Residentials page
SADP Subject Area Development Plan
SALT Speech and Language Therapy
SATs Standard Assessment Tasks
School Council An elected group of pupils who represent the pupil voice in school - see the School Council page
SCR Single Central Record
SDP School Development Plan
Secondary School A school which admits pupils from Year 7 (Y7) onwards - Y7 is the beginning of Key Stage 3
SENCO Special Educational Needs Coordinator - in our school this is Mrs J Hyde
SEND Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
SIP School Improvement Plan
SLCN Speech, Language and Communication Needs
SLD Severe Learning Difficulties
SLT Senior Leadership Team
SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time related - the criteria for setting a target
SMSC Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (education)
SMT Senior Management Team
Special Needs Needs (of a pupil) that require intervention beyond that generally provided for all pupils
SpLD Specific Learning Difficulties
SPP School Partnership Programme
SSP SEN Support Plan
STT Specialist Teaching Team
Stress I can fit you in to discuss this over a coffee in about six weeks - when I've caught up with my workload!
STTW School's Timetabled Teaching Week
TA Teaching Assistant
TAC Team Around the Child
Target The aspirational level of achievement set for a pupil
UIFSM Universal Infant Free School Meals (the provision of free school meals to all pupils up to and including those in Year 2) - sometimes represented as UFSM
Vertical Group A group of children chosen to work together on the basis of representing the full ability range
VI Visual Impairment
VLE Virtual Learning Environment - learning online
WALT We Are Learning To - the Learning Objective of a lesson in child friendly words
WILF What I'm Looking For - the assessment outcomes of a lesson in child friendly words
Year Group A group of children with dates of birth falling between 1st September and 31st August the following year
YR The Reception year group - those in their first year at our school - this is also the final year of EYFS
Y1 Year 1 - the first year of statutory education and of KS1 (usually in Class 2 in our school)
Y2 Year 2 - the second year of statutory education and of KS1 (usually in Class 2 in our school)
Y3 Year 3 - the third year of statutory education & the first year of KS2 (usually in Class 3 in our school)
Y4 Year 4 - the fourth year of statutory education & the second year of KS2 (usually in Class 3 in our school)
Y5 Year 5 - the fifth year of statutory education & the third year of KS2 (usually in Class 4 in our school)
Y6 Year 6 - the sixth year of statutory education & the final year of KS2 and primary school education (usually in Class 4 in our school)
Wrap Around Care Care for pupils before and after the school day - see our Wrap Around Care page