Our Villages

Our school is an area school.  We have children in school from many villages, many of whom opt to come to us and travel by car.  Our 'Designated Area' covers the districts listed in the table below.  Please note that the list should be viewed as a guide.  Lincolnshire County Council will decide requests for transport on the basis of individual postcodes and therefore the inclusion of a village in the list below cannot be considered to be a definite guarantee of eligibility for transport from any specific address within or near to a particular village.  If you are close to the boundaries of our designated area please contact the Transport Department to check your postcode.  Contacts can be found on our Transport page.

In addition we welcome many children who travel to school from beyond this large geographical area.  This includes children from a number of nearby towns.  Information on the current availability of spaces can be obtained from the headteacher at the school.  Such pupils are, of course, not normally eligible for the statutory provision of transport by Lincolnshire County Council.

Asgarby Ashby Puerorum Bag Enderby
Belchford Brinkhill Burwell
Calceby * Fulletby Greetham
Hagworthingham Harrington Holbeck
Ketsby Lusby Oxcombe
Ruckland Salmonby Somersby
South Ormsby Sutterby Swaby
Tetford Walmsgate Welton
Winceby Worlaby  


Transport is provided from many of these villages and the small hamlets in between them (see information above).  Over 60% of our children travel to school each day by bus.  The county average at primary level is about 6% (one tenth of our proportion) - and that itself is well above the England national county average!

Transport is provided to the nearest school or the designated school by postcode so the above list should be seen as a guide.  Where the nearest school is not the designated school transport will be provided to whichever of the two schools the family are successful in gaining a place.

*Calceby - The nearest school to Calceby is The Edward Richardson Primary School but we are not the designated school - parents from Calceby who are successful in obtaining a place at our school will be able to request transport (individual postcodes should be checked).