What are the Admission Criteria which are used to decide the allocation of places?

The school subscribes to the Local Authority Admission Criteria. See the Tab above

How many pupils will the school admit in any year group?

Our PAN (Planned Admission Number) is 17.  Up to this number a place must be offered to any applicant.  Beyond this number a place cannot be offered.

I live outside of the designated area for the Edward Richardson Primary School. Can I still apply?

Yes. The result of an application will, of course, depend on how many pupils we have in the year group at the time of application. If a place is available in a year group it will be offered in accordance with our Admission Criteria.

Are there spaces available in all year groups?

No.  For information on current spaces, please contact the school office.

I am thinking of enrolling my child who is already a pupil at a school elsewhere in the UK.  What should I do?

A place at the school for a child between the ages of Reception (children who have their fifth birthday on or before the final day of the school year - 31 August) and Year 6 (children who have their eleventh birthday on or before the final day of the school year - 31 August) may be applied for at any time.  A 'Mid Year Application Form' must be submitted to the Local Authority (LA) before a place can be confirmed.  Parents should be aware that our admission limit is 17 per year group.  Some year groups are currently full and most of other year groups are very near to their capacity.
Mid Year Application Forms can be accessed at the Lincolnshire County Council School Admission Website

I live within the area from which transport is available to the school and am applying for a place in a year other than Reception.  Does that mean that I am guaranteed a place in the school?

No.  The result of an application will depend upon the number of pupils currently in the year group.

I have a child who will be due to start school next September in Reception.  What should I do?

We strongly encourage informal visits to the school, when you will have the opportunity to meet staff, including the headteacher.

Places for any Reception Year are allocated by the Local Authority in Spring for the following September.  The deadline for applications is available each year from the Local Authority.  In keeping with Local Authority policy a preference form, stating the preferred choice of school together with alternatives, should be submitted to the County Council (School Admissions) in advance of a date specified by the Local Authority.  Places are then allocated in accordance with parental preference and the capacity and admission criteria of the individual school.

Information and Application Forms can be accessed at the Lincolnshire County Council School Admission Website

I live within the area from which transport is available to the school and am applying for a place in Reception next year.  Does that mean that I am guaranteed a place in the school? 

No.  Proximity to the school is likely to mean a higher ranking but it is not a guarantee.

When I have submitted my electronic application for a place next September in Reception will the school know?

The school will be able to access the names of all potential pupils whose parents or guardians have named us as first, second or third choice on the electronic application form.  The Data Protection Act allows the Local Authority to inform us for how many pupils we have been named as first choice but NOT who they are.  For this reason it helps us to plan induction if you inform us (should you be willing to do so) if you have named us as first choice.

Can I visit the school to look round?

Please do.  You can telephone the school or e-mail to request an appointment - please state your preferred days of the week.

Can the school make a firm offer of a place over the telephone?

No.  The school will need to contact Lincolnshire County Council Admissions to ensure that there are no 'Mid Year Applications' being processed which may rank ahead of your application.

I have a sibling in the school already - does this guarantee a place for my child?

No.  The presence of a sibling in school will give a priority to one applicant over another in the event of a need to rank applicants but there is no guarantee.

I have a sibling in school now but they will leave in the July before my next child is due to start in the September.  As they will be a sibling at the time of application will their application receive a weighting?

No.  The consideration of siblings in the ranking of application requires them to be on roll at the time of actual admission.

What happens if I apply for a place and it is refused?

All applicants have the right to appeal against the refusal of a place.  Appeals are managed by the Local Authority but are decided by an independent appeal panel who will make a decision which is binding on all parties.

How long does an appeal against a refusal of a place take?

The process can take up to six weeks.  In the event that the Local Authority decides that an appeal is almost certain to result in the offer of a place the school may be 'Directed to Take'.


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I have twins.  What would happen if the school only had a place for one of them?

Applications for twins must be considered as one application.  If an offer is made to one it must be made to both.  If there is one place remaining in a year group it must be offered in accordance with our Admission Criteria.

I live some distance from Tetford but my child's grandparents live in the village and they would collect my child at the end of the day.  Can I state their address on my application?

No.  The address stated must be the one at which the child actually resides for the majority of the time.  To do this would be illegal.

My child is in the school but we are moving out of the area from which transport is provided for the school.  Will we lose our place?

No.  Once offered a place cannot be taken away from a pupil on the grounds of a change of address.

I live outside of the area at the moment but will have moved into the area before my child joins the school.  Can I put the address to which we are moving on my application form?

No.  You must state the address at which the child resides at the time of application.  No local address can be considered until you are contractually bound to moving into it.

Does the school have Open Days?

We feel that getting to know our school is too complex to be addressed in this way.  An Open Day does not give you the chance to ask all of the questions which you may have.  You would be one of many visitors and the day could not therefore be totally directed at your needs.  Admission is about your child, not just about looking at our school. 

We will therefore reserve a mutually convenient time for you to visit the school without others being there.  This will allow us to focus on you, your child and your questions.  All visits are accompanied by the headteacher.  Allow at least an hour.

If my application is unsuccessful can I apply again?

Yes.  You can apply again at any time and, of course, the number of children in the year group may have changed.  The school will only notify you of a change in numbers if you have requested this in writing.  Such a request will be deemed to last until the end of the academic year in which it is made.  If you wish us to continue to monitor the availability of places please make a further request at the beginning of the following September.

This does not constitute a Waiting List.  If a place becomes available it will be allocated in accordance with our Admission Criteria and another applicant may rank ahead of your child.

If we have been asked to notify a parent of a pupil at another school when a place may be available we ask that the Headteacher of the school at which they are currently present is aware.