Transport to school from beyond the statutory maximum distance (two miles) is organised by Lincolnshire County Council.  Over half of our children travel by bus, with one bus starting its journey in Hagworthingham, a second in Belchford and another in Swaby.  It may be possible for children from beyond our designated area to be granted a concessionary seat on a bus, at the discretion of Lincolnshire County Council.  There will usually be a charge for this. If you want to apply for Home to School Transport this is best done online: Apply for Home School Transport.  Please note that, for insurance reasons, no child may travel on a bus unless and until they hold a valid pass for that particular bus.

Parents and carers are asked to discuss our Home School Agreement for Bus Travel with their children and remind them from time to time of the importance of adhering to its contents.  The county operate 'Max Respect', a programme which aims to make the journey to school safer and happier, which is fully supported by the school.

File icon: pdf Home School Agreement For Those Using The Bus Service To School [pdf 49KB] Click to download


The first point of contact for parents is the Lincolnshire County Council Schools Transport Services Department.  

Telephone: (01522) 782020



Our Current Providers:

Belchford Bus

Operator:    PC Coaches
(01522) 533605

Hagworthingham Bus

Operator:   Skegness Travel
(01754) 766666

     Swaby Bus

  Operator:   24/7 Ltd.
   (01469) 670247

What should parents and carers do in the event of problems?

Management of the provision of transport, and decisions regarding eligibility and concessionary places, is the responsibility of the County Council Schools Services Transport Department.  They can be contacted by telephone on 01522 782020.  In the event of issues arising with transport, including timetable variations, please contact the County Council. There are occasional and unavoidable instances where school buses are delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. The advice from Lincolnshire County Council School Transportation Group on the procedures to follow if a bus is delayed are set out below:-

  • If there is nobody at a bus stop to collect a child, then the bus company will not let that child get off the bus. The bus driver will inform their company that they have kept the child on the bus. The bus company will then inform the LCC School Transport Helpdesk of the situation and also attempt to contact the school. The LCC School Transport Helpdesk and/or school will then attempt to contact the parent/guardian of that child. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, then the bus driver will be instructed to take the child to the nearest police station.
  • If a bus is delayed before leaving school by 20 minutes or more, the bus driver will inform their bus company of the delay.  The bus company will inform the LCC School Transport Helpdesk with all necessary details.  School staff will bring the children back into school until LCC have addressed the issue with transport.  The school will attempt to contact the parents of all children on the bus.  Parents can then collect their children, arrange for someone else to collect on their behalf, or wait for LCC to arrange alternative transport. 
  • If a bus becomes delayed by 20 minutes or more after leaving the school premises (i.e. due to a flat tyre, breakdown or road closure on the normal route) the bus driver will inform their bus company of the delay. The bus company will then inform the LCC School Transport Helpdesk and also attempt to contact the school.  If parents/carers have any concerns about a bus being delayed (to or from school), your child is late home, and you have not been contacted by the school, then the first point of contact should be the LCC School Transport Helpdesk on 01522 782020; these lines are open between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm.

The school appreciates the kindness and generosity of parents/carers at these times, and the support that you offer to each other.  However, please do ensure if you take other people’s children that you, a member of school staff or the bus company has personally spoken to that child’s parents and they have agreed that you can take them. 

Parents/carers should be aware that the school office is not manned after the end of the school day, which is why the above procedures are in place.  Staff do endeavour to answer the phone if they hear it ring, but are often not in the vicinity of the office.  If you do try to contact the school for information about a delay, please also be aware that the telephone line may be busy and the school may not have been made aware of the delay.  In the case of incidents resulting in delays with the buses after they have left the school premises, and where we have been made aware, staff will try to contact parents. 

The LCC School Transport Helpdesk holds the contact information for all the bus companies and also have a list of parent/guardian contact numbers for each child.  Please note that individual drivers do not hold a list of parent/guardian contact numbers for each child and the bus company will have to call the LCC School Transport Helpdesk if this information is required.

Contact numbers for the bus companies and also LCC School Transport Helpdesk are listed above. You may wish to add these to the contacts to your address book on your mobile phone.

Instructions for bus drivers to ensure that our Traffic Plan works

  1. Circulate round Tetford in an anticlockwise direction (passing school on your left) - please do not turn round in the junction opposite church or reverse.
  2. Observe the voluntary 20mph limit along East Road and North Road.
  3. Do not drop the children off before 8.45am as there is no supervision for them (school begins at 9.00am but children are able to gather on the playground from 8.45am, where they will be supervised by a member of staff.  The bell will ring at 8.50am for the start of the school day, when children line up and are greeted by their teachers.   If you arrive a few minutes early please park in the drop off zone but don't open the doors until the appointed time (and you see that the side gate is open).
  4. Drop off and collect by the school gate staying far enough back to allow traffic to pass along North Road - do not come into the school car park.
  5. There are three buses - please park them as close as possible to each other to ensure that the third bus is not blocking East Road.
  6. At the end of the day there will be a member of the teaching staff who will come onto the bus to ensure that children are settled, in their allocated seat and have their seat belt fastened.
  7. Buses should depart in the order they are parked - please do not pass a parked bus.
  8. Keep a written record of any issues that arise on the bus and share this with the member of staff who monitors your bus - this allows us to be proactive in managing the journey to and from school.
  9. Our children are wonderful - please be liberal in your praise as this will encourage them to continue in the same vein.

We would like to thank all of our drivers for supporting us and for their contribution to making our school the wonderful place that it is!