Term Time Leave


We strive for high educational standards and are very proud to achieve them.  Children will not be able to access this if they are not in school.  Our absence rate is very low and this contributes to our high standards.

There is no legal right to Leave of Absence during term time.  Absence during term time can have a negative impact on a child’s educational progress.  Term time leave for any reason should be avoided wherever possible.   We do not have forms to inform us of leave but there is a form to request an interview to discuss unavoidable problems which may lead to absence.

The School Governors have agreed that, in line with national guidelines, we will not authorise any absence for holiday.  Parents and carers must be aware that taking a pupil out of school without authorisation is classified as an UNAUTHORISED absence and, as attendance at school is a legal requirement, such absence is illegal.  Section 444A of the Education Act 1996 contains provision for a Penalty Notice to be issued to parents / carers who take their child away for an unauthorised holiday. 

The school will not require staff to set work for pupils who are absent from school through unauthorised absence or authorised leave and will not be obliged to cover the work missed with the pupil upon their return as this may be to the detriment of the education of the rest of the class.

A form to request an interview must be collected from the school.  We ask you to give great thought before embarking upon this course of action.

Please do not be tempted to take a holiday and ring in to tell us the child is ill to avoid the absence being marked as 'Unauthorised' and a Fixed Penalty Notice.  If we have the slightest suspicion that this is the case we are obliged to contact the Educational Welfare Service who will investigate.