The school is very fortunate to have an active Parent Teacher Association.  Whilst it is legally known as the PTA, we feel that PSFA (Parents, Staff and Friends Association) is a more inclusive and representative title, and so this is the name we have adopted for use on a day to day basis.  The PSFA arranges numerous functions for children and parents throughout the year.  All parents or guardians of children at the school are members of the PSFA.  The committee, elected annually, meets regularly.  They aim to make each parent and stakeholder welcome at every function.

The PSFA supports the ongoing maintenance of our swimming pool.  It has also supported considerable expenditure in recent years and has provided support for events in school, such as the provision of professional theatre productions for the children.  Subsidies for transport are provided by the PSFA in order to reduce the cost to parents of their children visiting educational venues and experiencing a diversity of educational experiences.  


PSFA Officers for 2016/17

Chair: Mrs K. Stark

Vice Chair: Miss J Sparks

Treasurer: Mrs E. Middleton


Year Group Representatives:

Reception: Emma Middleton

Year 1: Beth Duncan

Year 2: Joann Wilmshurst

Year 3: Katie Stark

Year 4

Year 5:

Year 6: Julie Sparks


Next Annual General Meeting

Thursday 13th September 2018 (7.00pm)