Our Vision:

To develop within all members of the school community a lifelong love of learning where potential is maximised and ambition is demanded. This will be achieved through the creation of an environment rich in opportunity, where all success is recognised and celebrated.


  • We believe that all our pupils are of equal value regardless of their gender, race, background, creed, faith or ability.
  • We believe that our pupils should progress at a pace appropriate to the individual.
  • We believe that our pupils should have equal access to opportunities and resources.
  • We believe that our pupils are entitled to high quality, well planned and well
    organised teaching and learning throughout the school in a caring and cared for environment.
  • We value children's involvement in and contribution to the daily life of the school.
  • We value links with the wider community.


  1. To create a supportive, caring and happy environment in which each pupil can work with a sense of well being and security.
  2. To develop the potential of each pupil taking into account their individual needs and abilities.
  3. To offer opportunities for the development of the whole child.
  4. To present a broad and balanced curriculum, which encompasses the National Curriculum, and includes development and extension as appropriate.
  5. To develop a partnership approach through involving parents in the education of their children.
  6. To build positive attitudes to school work and behaviour in all pupils.
  7. To develop links between the community and school.
  8. To ensure that each child is presented with equal opportunities regardless of race, gender or ability.
  9. To nurture, and offer opportunities for, the moral well being and awareness of each child.


  1. To provide the children with a rich and varied curriculum which will stimulate their interest
  2. To provide suitable INSET for the staff to ensure that the school develops in line with the SIP
  3. To provide a warm and welcoming environment for children and visitors
  4. To challenge each child to achieve standards in line with their ability
  5. To provide a supportive work environment in which all staff are valued and are able to develop professionally