We are very proud to have our own heated swimming pool.  It is located in an enclosed 'suntrap' location near to the playground.  The pool is approximately 80 cm deep and is ideal for learning to swim and developing strokes.  There are purpose built changing rooms, a fully fitted pump and heating shed and an elevated viewing area which benefits from 'astroturf' and, during the summer months, has a gazebo to keep the children both shaded and cool.  Every child receives at least 25 swimming lessons every year during June and July.

The PSFA support the pool financially and the school caretaker, Mr Cobban, services the pool to current legal standards, checked by ELDC to ensure that all goes smoothly.  Our current swimming teacher is Charlotte Elliott-Wright.

Please note that we cannot allow pupils into the pool with earrings or plasters as these can cause expensive damage!