The school building is open from 8.00am.  The school building is all on one floor and is fully accessible to disabled pupils and visitors.  There is a dedicated Medical Room with disabled facilities.  There is reserved space in the car park for disabled visitors.

The School Day normally runs as follows:

Time Information
08:00 Wrap Around Care (Eight am Club) begins
Before 08:50 No pupils should be on the premises (other than in Wrap Around Care) unless accompanied by an adult - if this adult is not the parent or guardian of the pupil the school should have been notified of the arrangement in writing as the school staff have no legal responsibility for supervision before 8.50am.  Any child left before 08.50am should be registered for and placed in Wrap Around Care.
08:50 A bell is rung on the playground and the school doors are opened - each class is greeted by their teacher.  Pupils arriving after the bell has been rung can enter school until 9am.  After this time, they must use the main entrance, but this will be marked as 'late' arrival.
Eight AM Club ends
09:00 The school day begins - the doors are closed and the parent or guardian of any child arriving after this time must sign them in late
09:05 Assembly
09:30 Lesson time.  9.30 - 9.45 Classes 3 and 4 complete their Daily Mile
10:45 Break for all classes (fresh fruit is provided for pupils in KS1)
11.00 End of break - lesson time
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Lesson time.  During the afternoon, Classes 1 and 2 will complete their Daily Mile.
14:45 Approximate time of break for Classes 1 and 2 - Key Stage 2 pupils do not have an afternoon break but are allowed to visit the toilet and take a drink
15:30 End of School - Wrap Around Care begins (Four Thirty Club)
Parents/carers of pupils should be at school in time for 3.30pm so that they can take responsibility for the children as they leave school.  Please note that many of our support staff only work in the morning and those that work in the afternoon finish at 3.30pm unless they are supervising Wrap Around Care (Four Thirty Club).  Teachers move onto other duties once they have seen the children out of class and checked the buses.  There are therefore no staff to supervise pupils whose parents/carers are late.  They will be placed into Wrap Around Care (Four Thirty Club) in order to ensure their safe supervision but we ask all parents and carers to note that there will be a charge for this.
Extended School Activities begin (during the three six week blocks)
16:30 Wrap Around Care (Four Thirty Club) ends - pupils in this Wrap Around Care facility should have been collected by this time
Please note that, on occasion, there will be variation from this timetable but they will not influence time at which the school day begins or ends.