What are Family Afternoons?

Family Afternoons are afternoons where we invite the pupils, after school, to bring in their parents or guardians and show them what they are doing in school.  This can be their work or the facilities of the school.


How often are they held?

Family afternoons take place in terms 2, 4 and 5, the terms in which there are no formal parent consultations or written report.  We include an extra one in September which is just for the pupils and parents who have joined the school that term in Reception.


Is it like a Parent Consultation Evening?

No.  Whilst the teaching staff (and sometimes teaching assistants) will be present there are no formal appointments and nobody has to talk to the teacher.  The aim is to enable the parents to be part of the school and to give an audience for the work which the children produce.  Formal Parent Consultations are held in the Terms 1 and 3 each year and all parents and guardians are encouraged to make appointments through the year to consider any issues as they arise.


Can I leave my child in the hall or on the playground whilst I look at the books?

This is not the idea of family afternoons.  We want the pupils to share their work.  Pupils are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at this time of day and they would not be insured against accidents occurring whilst unsupervised.


Can my child wait in school for me to join them at 3.40pm or a little later?

Unfortunately this cannot be accommodated unless the pupil is placed in Four Thirty Club.  Pupils are otherwise the responsibility of their parents or guardians from 3.30pm and they would not be insured against accidents occurring whilst unsupervised.  The school staff will be busy with the afternoon and cannot offer supervision.


What time do Family Afternoons run?

They begin at 3.40pm (after the staff have supervised the buses) and end at 5.00pm.  The afternoon of the week varies through the year.


I will struggle to be at school for 3.30pm.  Can my child come home on the bus and then come back to school with me?

Yes - but bear in mind that the session ends at 5.00pm


It can be busy and I want to talk to the teacher - what can I do?

Make an appointment at another time.  Family Afternoons are not the best place for long or private conversations.


When are the family afternoons for this year?

All of the dates for this year are listed on the Calendar Page of the school website.