Why does school offer meals?

We hope that every child will eat a healthy meal at lunch time.  One way of doing this is to bring in their own healthy packed lunch.  Another alternative is to take one of our healthy cooked lunches.


Where do the meals come from?

Our hot school meals are provided by 'The Farm Kitchen' (based near Sleaford).  'The Farm Kitchen' have been awarded the 'Food for Life' Catering Award at Gold level.  They were also recognised as the 'Caterer of the Year' in the coveted 'Select Lincolnshire Food and Drinks Awards 2015'.  The judges commented that The Farm Kitchen had 'excelled in their commitment to Lincolnshire communities by encouraging their customers to shop locally and eat healthily'.


Are ingredients sourced locally?

The Farm Kitchen uses Lincolnshire beef supplied by Simpson Butchers of Heckington and Organic British beef supplied by Lower Hurst Organic Farm in Derbyshire. They only use these two trusted meat suppliers, who follow their required high standards.They have a very close working relationship with Simpson Butchers. They source the beef used from local Lincolnshire farms and insist on full traceability. All of the meat used in the meals is farm assured. Simpson Butchers prepare all of the beef burgers themselves using the same high quality Lincolnshire beef. The Farm Kitchen buy organic beef from Lower Hurst Organic Farm.  Lower Hurst Organic beef mince is used in the homemade lasagnes, bolognaise sauces and organic beef meatballs.


Are the kitchens in which the meals are produced monitored for cleanliness?

Yes - and the outcomes are reported to us.  An Environmental Health Officer is quoted as reporting 'The cleanest kitchen I have seen for a long time'.


Who is eligible for Free School Meals?

Check out if you are eligible for Free School Meals (Lincs CC website).Check out the My Free School Meals website which gives additional information.The meals are really good and, if you do claim, school will get additional funding through Pupil Premium.


How do I apply for Free School Meals?

You can download an Application Form to complete from here


Can I look at the menus?

Menus can be viewed in full at The Farm Kitchen website (


How much do the meals cost?

The hot meals are very competitively priced (current prices are available from The Farm Kitchen website) and provide a balanced meal complete with a dessert.


Do we order the meals through school?

The Farm Kitchen have taken over the administration process of ordering and paying for hot school meals.  This has saved the school administrative time meaning that funds can be diverted to the education of pupils instead! 


Can we order online?

You are still able to order your meals online but instead of using Wisepay use this link to access the Farm Kitchen Ordering Website.  Please note that you will need to set up an account.  


Is it difficult ordering online?

No, but if you do experience any problems please do speak to the school office, who will be happy to help.


If I get stuck with my first order can school help?

Of course we will! If you are unsure about ordering meals online please come into school (or telephone during term time) and we will help you with your first order.


Can I order without a computer?

The Farm Kitchen will accept paper orders from parents who do not have access to a computer.  The orders should be sent into school clearly addressed to The Farm Kitchen.  These will then be passed onto the supplier for them to manually input your order.  Should the paper orders exceed 10% of the school’s total order there will be additional charges made so it is in everyone’s best interest to order online where possible.


How do I organise ordering if my child is eligible for Free School Meals?

Parents or guardians of pupils who are in receipt of Free School Meals will still order as per the instructions above but there will be no charge at the end of the ordering process.


What is the deadline for orders?



Can I access ordering instructions?

The ordering instructions can be downloaded below


Is it possible to cancel meals?

Yes - this should be done 24 hours in advance using The Farm Kitchen Ordering Website - refunds will not be given if this notice has not been forthcoming.


What happens about lunches if my child is off school?

Please cancel any lunch that you have booked if your child is off school.  If you do not do so the lunch will still be sent and you will be charged.  If you are entitled to Free School Meals (including Universal Free School Meals for Key Stage 1) the lunch will still be sent and school will be charged.  We are only reimbursed for meals which are taken but we are charged for the meals provided so PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO THIS.


What happens if the school is forced to close due, for example, to bad weather?

Please be aware that if the school is forced to close 'The Farm Kitchen' will only offer refunds if they are given 24 hours notice by parents or school.  Given the nature of the weather (or other emergency) and the aim to stay open if possible it is unlikely that school will ever be able to give 24 hours notice of a closure.  We therefore suggest that: 

  1. You keep an eye on the medium term weather forecast during the winter months when ordering meals and don't order if it looks like snow
  2. You look at weather situations as they develop and cancel 24 hours in advance if you consider that it is possible that school might have to close

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