We are often asked if the roads around Tetford are a major problem in snow and ice.  We have no more difficulty than any other school in staying open. Significant closure due to poor weather is unusual.

Like most schools we do like to be prepared and ask parents to keep us informed of who may collect their children in the event of a sudden 'snow event'.  This may not, of course, be the normal 'collector' so up to date information is vital.

In the event of a closure during the day it is important that we can ensure that every child is collected as quickly as possible by their parents / guardians or, alternatively, a nominated person who is able to get to school and collect them on your behalf.  In some periods of poor weather in previous years  parents have discussed plans together for collection - meaning that a parent with a suitable vehicle has consent to take a group of children.  The more names we have as agreed 'collectors' the easier it will be to ensure pupils are able to get home quickly.  If you have any such arrangements please let us know.  We will already have your 'regular' contacts listed and there is no need to advise us of these again.  Please e-mail:   

Please note that you MUST have agreed in advance with anyone listed, they should be aware of the arrangement and the school must have been notified in writing.  


Any closure decisions will always be notified IMMEDIATELY to LincsFM (102.2FM).  In very snowy weather, if it's not on the radio that doesn't mean we ARE open as they only announce on air when the number of schools is less than 50.  A list of school closures is available online at  Please check this is the first instance. Information will be posted on this website as soon as is practical (which may not, of course, be immediately).

Messages will, where possible, be sent out to mobiles.  They will be sent to the mobile numbers which we hold for you all - if you have changed your mobile please let us know as soon as possible!

HOT SCHOOL MEALS - IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that if the school is forced to close due to bad weather 'The Farm Kitchen' will only offer refunds if they are given 24 hours notice by parents or school.  Given the unpredictable nature of the weather and the aim to stay open if possible it is unlikely that school will ever be able to give 24 hours notice of a closure.  We therefore suggest that:

  1. You keep an eye on the medium term weather forecast when ordering meals and don't order if it looks like heavy snow is likely;
  2. You look at weather situations as they develop and cancel 24 hours in advance if you consider that it is possible that school might have to close.

If we do have to close, or the weather is treacherous, please send messages to - which will help to inform any decisions which school, and the Chair of the Governors, have to make.  We have pupils from many different villages and information on the situation in as many of them as possible is extremely valuable. 

Please also:

Keep us up to date with the developing conditions in YOUR village (by e-mail - see above).  You will appreciate that these e-mails need to come from parents rather than pupils.



When snow occurs we have to be aware that many of our children travel by bus and that the bus travels along narrow and hilly roads, most of which are neither cleared or gritted.  If the weather deteriorates during a school day it can become priority to ensure that the children and staff are able to get home safely.  With this in mind:

  1. If you fear that it may be difficult to collect your children due to adverse weather please keep them at home - if this is the case please ring school so that we know that your children are safe.  Such absence will be authorised but should be confirmed in writing when the child returns to school.
  2. Please remember that the bus may, either at their request or ours, undertake the homeward run earlier in the day than normal.  If this is the case we cannot let the bus go without having contacted ALL parents to ensure that there is someone at home to collect every child.  Failure to contact just one parent means that the bus cannot run.  With this in mind please ensure, when the weather is looking bad, that you are available on home or work numbers and that mobile phones are switched on.  Please also ensure that the numbers which we have are up to date.
  3. Children will be allowed to go home with other parents, but normally only if we have written consent.  A list for this is kept in school and any changes should be made known to us as soon as possible.  Please ensure that your child is familiar with any arrangement you may have made and that any changes have been notified to us.
  4. Any closure of the school, or early running of the buses, will be notified to LincsFM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.  It will also be put onto the update at the top of this page as soon as possible after the decision is made (this will not be immediately and can be hampered by poor internet access).
  5. If the school has to close we will send a text message to all parents whose mobile number is on our text distribution list.  This assumes that the mobile numbers we have are up to date and the technology is working!