Communicating with Staff

The doors open at 8.50am and the children enter the school for a 9.00am start.  By Key Stage 2 it is important that the children see themselves into the building and get themselves organised for the day.

The staff have a supervising role from 8.50am and have to complete the register for the day.  In Class 1 the children come into the room and have creative activities to pursue.  It is therefore quite easy to have a quick word with the teaching staff in Class 1.  As the children progress through the school, however, this becomes more difficult as learning activities begin immediately upon entering the room and the teacher needs to ensure that the children settle and focus.  Therefore if you need to speak to a teacher please either:

  1. Give your child a note to hand in requesting that the teacher call you to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet
  2. Email the teacher
  3. Contact the school office and request that the teacher calls you for a word or to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet

Class 1 Miss K. Freshwater Miss Freshwater's email address
Class 2 Mrs B. Hensman Mrs Hensman's email address
Class 3 Mr R. Baldock Mr Baldock's email address
Class 4 Mrs T. Lynam Mrs Lynam's email address

We are always very happy to welcome parents and carers into school, at a mutually convenient time, to discuss our mutual role in supporting the children.  We also appreciate the positive way in which parents and carers aim to work with us.  

The staff are a key resource in any school and we are lucky to have a very professional and dedicated staff who give a commitment to the school well beyond that which might be expected.  They will treat the pupils, and all visitors, politely and in accordance with our key values:


We have a right to expect that all visitors to the school will treat all of the school community, children and staff, in a similar positive and polite way.  We are aware that staff in some schools endure abuse from members of the community and would like to record our appreciation that this is a very rare occurance at the Edward Richardson Primary School.  We have, as you will all expect, a zero tolerance policy with regard to abuse and rudeness to staff and any infringement will be notified immediately to the governors.