Welcome to Class 3

Teachers:  Mr Baldock                      Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Lee

Classes 3 & 4 started the year off finding out about the way of life in the 1930s leading up to the events of the Second World War.  Once they’d recovered from the shock of seeing the staff “get in role” on the first day back after Christmas, they eagerly began their research leading up to the events of 1939.

The rest of Terms 3 & 4 will involve more research about living standards, rationing, the music and dances of the 1940s, digging for victory (and more dressing up as evacuees!) as well as a visit to a local WW2 Airbase.  Classes will become more like the 1940s with windows taped up, sandbags and shelters...

Watch this space for photos of the children as they, too, get in role!