Governor Elections

From time to time we have vacancies for Parent Governors.  Elections for Parent Governors are held using the DOUBLE ENVELOPE SYSTEM which ensures votes are valid and anonymous.  It is a bit complex though… 

Parents are sent a ballot paper, which should be returned to school by the designated date, together with two envelopes of different size.  This is sent with full information about the election, information about the candidates and timescales.  Each ‘parent’ (see note) should complete one ballot paper (in accordance with the instructions on the ballot paper), irrespective of the number of children they have at the school.  On completion of a ballot paper, this should then be placed into the smaller of the two envelopes.  This envelope remains unmarked which ensures total anonymity.   Instructions are then as follows:

Then place this into the larger envelope and mark this outer envelope with the names of those who have completed and enclosed a ballot paper. This allows us to check names against eligible voters and monitor that the number of ballots submitted is correct and ensure the procedure to be valid.  On receipt of these envelopes, we shall remove the smaller of the envelopes and keep safe until the count, marking them with the number of ballot papers held within.  The larger envelope shall be destroyed and not stored along with the smaller envelope; therefore all votes will be confidential.

The parent polling the highest number of votes for first position will be declared duly elected to the Governing Body.  In the event of a two way tie for first place the lowest placed candidate will be eliminated and their voters reallocated according to their second choice.  If there is still a tie the next lowest placed candidate will be eliminated etc.  If these procedures fail to produce a result a witnessed draw will take place.

In the event of more than one Parent Governor position being decided in one ballot the second vacancy (etc) will be determined by the papers placing the candidate who has now been elected being distributed amongst the remaining candidates according to the second choice (which is now their first choice from the remaining candidates) and the above procedure followed again.

The winner of the election will be notified as soon as the votes have been counted and this outcome will be posted in the Parents Shelter notice board, on the website and in a letter.  The elected candidate will become a Governor on the first school day following the count and will be invited to attend their first meeting on the next date that has been set.

Definition of eligible parents for voting purposes: 

  • Natural parents of the pupil (postal copies of this letter will be sent to non resident parents where contact details are available)
  • Spouses of natural parents whether resident with the pupil or otherwise

This is why the name of the persons submitting the votes in the inner envelope MUST be listed on the outer envelope – it is the only means by which we can ensure one vote per eligible voter and check against our records without compromising anonymity in the actual vote.