School Uniform

Update (March 2018)

As of 1st September 2018, we will be introducing a new school uniform.  New items will be available for purchase from 1st June.  Pupils will still be able to wear the old style uniform until the end of the summer term 2019.



School Uniform

What is the school uniform?

Children are expected to be sensibly dressed for a day at school.  The school uniform consists of a green sweatshirt and gold polo shirt, both sporting the school badge.  These should be worn with grey trousers or skirt (available from most chain stores and general clothing stockists including through our own stockist).  In warm weather grey shorts (not shorter than mid thigh) or green and white / yellow and white 'gingham' style dresses are recommended as green and yellow are the school colours.  It is acceptable for plain tights to be worn with a skirt.  

Other garments are available for specific purposes - see below.

Is footwear included?

Shoes should be sturdy, plain and preferably black.  We have been advised by the school nurse that trainers should not be worn for extensive periods and they are therefore not part of our uniform.

Does the uniform include a hat?

A baseball style cap, in the school colours, is provided to each child.  This is intended for use during the summer months to keep the sun off the children.  We also often ask that pupils wear their cap when off the premises as it makes it easier to identify them!

Does the school stock high quality used garments?

We carry a stock of nearly new uniform.  This is of the highest quality and many garments are as new.  To enquire about our current stock please contact:
A 'Used Uniform Shop' is often open on Family Afternoons and at the Christmas and Summer Fairs.  Please request if you would like to look at our stock.

Can we donate good quality stock?

Normally, yes.  Due to the change of uniform in September 2018, please do not send any further donations of the current style uniform.  Good quality used uniform items are still available.  All money raised from sales of used uniform is donated to the PSFA. 

What should pupils wear for PE?

There is also a 'uniform' for PE which consists of a white 'T' shirt and blue shorts.  A suitable white 'T' shirt, emboidered with the school logo, can be purchased through our stockist.  Suitable plain garments can be purchased at most clothing outlets.

Pupils will be required to remove all jewellery and watches for PE and games lessons as they can represent a danger to themselves and others in the event of contact.  The are also susceptible to damage. 

Where can we order uniform?

Our uniform supplier is Nationwide School Uniforms (based in Spilsby).  Uniform can be ordered directly from them and can be delivered to your home address or collected from their shop in Vale Road, Spilsby.

How do we order uniform?

Go to the Nationwide School Uniforms website where you will find comprehensive instructions.

What garments can we order from our stockist?

The stockist carries a wide variety of uniform items.  These include the following garments each emboidered with the school logo:
Polo shirts
T shirts
Reversible jackets
Hoodies (for outdoor games lessons and sporting events)
Nationwide School Uniforms can also provide general uniform garments and the following items
PE bags
Book Bags

How much does delivery cost?

Current delivery charges should be checked with Nationwide School Uniforms (see below).  There is also the option to collect from the shop in Spilsby.

Should items be named?

Yes, please!  It saves us a huge amount of difficulty when items of clothing are mislaid.  Go to to find a great way to do this and earn money for school at the same time.

What are the current prices?

As of 1st June the prices given to us by Nationwide School Uniforms are as follows.
Bottle Green Sweatshirt, badged (S-M) from £6.50 
Bottle Green Cardigan, badged (up to 13 years) from £7.20
Bottle Green Fleece, badged (S-M) from £10.00
Gold Polo Shirt, badged (up to 13 years) from £4.20
White T-shirt - for PE, badged (up to 13 years) from £3.00
White T-shirt - for PE, plain (up to 13 years) from £1.60
White Polo shirt, for PE, plain from £3.10
Bottle Green Reversible Jacket , badged (up to 13 years) from £12.50
Bottle Green Hoodie, badged (for outdoor games lessons) from £7.90
Bottle Green PE bag from £3.00
Bottle Green Book bag, badged from £4.80
Delivery £3.75 per order
The school cannot accept responsibility for changes to this price list since the published date (1st June 2014)